Our Business

Our business domain is as follows:

  • Support for creating new business in the technical field.
  • Technical support and advise for manufacturing using CAE.
  • Research and practice of job re-design engineering for elderly and disabled person.
  • Establishment of Myanmar business, establishment of company, operation and support.
  • Development of general purpose neuralnetwork software.


  • 技術分野の新領域ビジネスの創出支援
  • CAEを活用した設計・製造への技術支援、アドバイザー業務
  • 高齢者・障害者向けの職務再設計の研究および応用
  • ミャンマーにおける法人設立および運営支援
  • 汎用ニューラルネットワークソフトウェアの開発